1938 Sawyer Biscuit Cabinets Set and Checklist

 ‘It’s In The Details’

Title Sawyer Biscuit Cabinets
Year 1938
Size 4 1/2″ x 5 3/4″
Images Sepia
Type Bakery
Number in Set

1938 Sawyer Biscuit Overview

1938 Sawyer Biscuits Hack

The 1938 Sawyer Biscuit set is a collection of small photographs mounted to a red cardboard frame.

Pictures of the players were sepia-toned and included his name at the bottom. The photo was affixed to the frame, which had a backing, which popped out to allow it to stand up for display.

The pictures and frames were premium items that were sent to collectors in exchange for a coupon as well as ten cents. The set was part of a local promotion, however, and only included Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox players.

When redeemed, collectors received a letter from the Sawyer Biscuit Company with their cabinet photo. In it, they were encouraged to send more coupons and money to the company at their address (1041 West Harrison Street in Chicago). Sawyer Biscuit also stated fans had numerous options for displaying the photos. They could be stood up on a desk, hung on the wall, or removed from the frame and placed in an album. Finally, in a P.S., the company mentioned two more of their products – Sawyer’s Energized Honey Flavored Graham Crackers and Sawyer’s Saltine Crackers.

The letter was signed by broadcaster Bob Elson. Interestingly enough, when selecting which photo they wanted, he was also an option, as mentioned in the letter. The most interesting subject, however, was someone named ‘Babs.’ Collectors could receive a photo of one of the players, Elson, or ‘Babs’ as indicated in the letter. For a while his/her identity was not known to collectors. However, I have since discovered it was Dolores Gillen – one of his broadcasting partners.

While the issue is referred to as the Sawyer Biscuit cabinets (named after the company), they were actually part of a promotion for the company’s Sawyer Butter Cookies products.

Sawyer Biscuit also returned in 1950 with another baseball issue – an 8X10 set of photographs of the Indianapolis Indians.

1938 Sawyer Biscuit Checklist

Here is a checklist of the Sawyer Biscuit Cabinets. With the Babs cabinet added, the checklist is now likely at 48.

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