1934 Annis Furs Detroit Tigers Set

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Annis Furs
Year 1934
Size 3″ x 5″
Images Sepia
Type Trade
Number in Set

1934 Annis Furs Detroit Tigers Overview

1934 Annis Furs.jpg

Annis Furs created this team set of Detroit Tigers in 1934. As Robert Edward Auctions states, this was sort of an unknown issue before since the distributor wasn’t known. However, the discovery of an advertising poster that included the same pictures as were printed on the cards points to that distributor being Annis Furs. The cards are sometimes listed only as a Detroit Tigers team set. But the discovery of the Annis poster provides an obvious link to that specific business.

While the set is referred to as the Annis Furs cards, the full name of the business was actually Newton Annis Furs. Newton Annis Furs was located in downtown Detroit at the intersection of Library and East Grand River streets. A motto of the business, as indicated on that advertising poster, was ‘Annis Furs are Better Furs.’

The cards have a sepia tone and feature only members of the Detroit Tigers. Backs of them are blank and they have a brown tone. In addition, all have a series of brown lines at the top, which is part of the design. The player’s name and position are printed on the fronts as well but the cards are unnumbered.

Hall of Famers Mickey Cochrane, Hank Greenberg, Charlie Gehringer, and Goose Goslin lead the way for this very rare set. While all are desirable, the real prize of the group is Greenberg as that is one of his few true rookie cards.

While I have classified these as trade cards for the purposes of this site, they could also be listed as U-Cards, a catch all of sorts for all kinds of miscellaneous issues.

1934 Annis Furs Detroit Tigers Checklist

  1. Eldon Auker
  2. Delmar Baker
  3. Tommy Bridges
  4. Mickey Cochrane
  5. Alvin Crowder
  6. Frank Doljack
  7. Carl Fischer
  8. Ervin Fox
  9. Charlie Gehringer
  10. Goose Goslin
  11. Hank Greenberg
  12. Luke Hamlin
  13. Ray Hayworth
  14. Elon Hogsett
  15. Fred Marberry
  16. Marvin Owen
  17. Cy Perkins
  18. Billy Rogell
  19. Schoolboy Rowe
  20. Heinie Schuble
  21. Vic Sorrell
  22. Jerry Walker
  23. Jo-Jo White

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