1930 Millhoff / De Reszke In the Public Eye Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Milhoff / De Reszke In the Public Eye
Year 1930
Size 1 3/8″ x 2 5/8″
Images Sepia
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1930 Millhoff / De Reszke In the Public Eye Overview

1930 Milhoff In the Public Eye Golf1930 Milhoff In the Public Eye Boxing1930 Milhoff In the Public Eye TennisThis set included 36 cards of celebrities who were in the public eye. Cards were produced by J. Millhoff & Co. Ltd., and English tobacco company. They were designed for their De Reszke cigarette brand.

The front of the cards featured sepia pictures of celebrities while backs had a biography of him/her. The cards had the same look as the 1928 Millhoff / De Reszke Famous Golfers set produced two years earlier.

Collectors should note that this is different from the 1935 Godfrey Phillips In the Public Eye set. That was a similar multi-sport issue but had a different layout and used color images.

Some of the subjects featured were actors, actresses, or other non-sports celebrities. However, there are a good number of athletes here, including from the world of tennis, golf, boxing, and soccer, among other sports.

Leading the way are golfer James Braid, tennis star Betty Nuthall, and boxer Phil Scott. Popular non-sports cards include actor Charlie Chaplin and would be Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

1930 Millhoff / De Reszke In the Public Eye Checklist

  1. Adolphe Menjou
  2. Walter Hammond
  3. Frank Woolley
  4. J. Bradford
  5. Evelyn Laye
  6. Jack Hobbs
  7. Earl of Lonsdale
  8. James Braid
  9. Betty Nuthall
  10. Mary Pickford
  11. R.C. Sherriff
  12. Winston Churchill
  13. Stanley Baldwin
  14. Philip Snowden
  15. Gordon Richards
  16. Alec James
  17. Lord Melchett
  18. Charlie Chaplin
  19. Ishbel Macdonald
  20. Ramsay Macdonald
  21. Clive Brook
  22. Diana Cooper
  23. Dixie Dean
  24. Binnie Hale
  25. Laura La Plante
  26. W.W. Wakefield
  27. A.T. Young
  28. Tilly Losch
  29. Clara Bow
  30. David Lloyd George
  31. Bernard Shaw
  32. Fay Compton
  33. Phil Scott
  34. Patsy Hendren
  35. Ronald Colman
  36. J.H. Thomas

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