M101-1 Sporting News Supplements and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title M101-1 Sporting News Supplements
Year 1899-00
Size 9″ x 11″
Images Black and White
Type Publications
Number in Set

M101-1 Sporting News Supplements Overview

M101-1 Chance.jpg

A total of nine different subsets make up the famous M101 Sporting News and Supplements series. The nine subsets are categorized as M-Cards in the Periodicals section of the American Card Catalog.

The nine sets are a mixture of both cards and large supplements issued by the Sporting News. With approximately 700 cards and supplements, the issue is a large one, to say the least.

The M101-1 series includes larger supplements. Subjects have a range of poses as some are portraits while others are full-length shots. The design on them also varies. Some pictures are inside more of a rough oval shape while others are inside of a rectangle. The player’s name and team are printed at the bottom.

The set is completely loaded with big names and approximately 1/3 of the issue is comprised of Hall of Famers.

M101-1 Sporting News Supplements Checklist

You can see photos of all supplements here.

  1. Clarence Beaumont
  2. Marty Bergen
  3. Ted Breitenstein
  4. James Callahan
  5. Frank Chance
  6. Jack Chesbro
  7. Fred Clarke
  8. Jimmy Collins
  9. Tom Corcoran
  10. Lou Criger
  11. Lave Cross
  12. Bill Dahlen
  13. George Davis
  14. Ed Delahanty
  15. Eugene DeMontreville
  16. Bil Dinneen
  17. Frank Donahue
  18. Mike Donlin
  19. P.J. Donovan
  20. John Doyle
  21. Hugh Duffy
  22. John Dunn
  23. Elmer Flick
  24. John Freeman
  25. Michael Griffin
  26. Clark Griffith
  27. Frank Hahn
  28. Billy Hamilton
  29. Ed Hanlon
  30. Emmet Heldrick
  31. James Hughes
  32. Hughie Jennings
  33. Burt Jones
  34. Willie Keeler
  35. Joe Kelley
  36. William Kennedy
  37. Nap Lajoie
  38. William Lange
  39. Sam Leever
  40. Edward Lewis
  41. Herman Long
  42. Iron Man McGinnity
  43. John McGraw
  44. James McGuire
  45. Charles Nichols
  46. Jerry Nops
  47. John O’Connor
  48. Henry Peltz
  49. Charles Phillippe
  50. Claude Ritchey
  51. Wilbert Robinson
  52. Edward Scott
  53. Charles Stahl
  54. Jesse Tannehill
  55. Fred Tenney
  56. Roy Thomas
  57. Rube Waddell
  58. Honus Wagner
  59. Bobby Wallace
  60. James Williams
  61. Vic Willis
  62. Cy Young

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