1938 Senior Service Our Countryside Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Senior Service Our Countryside
Year 1938
Size 1 15/16″ x 2 15/16″
Images Black and White
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1938 Senior Service Our Countryside Overview

1938 Senior Service Golf in the HighlandsThis set was similar to many others produced in the 1930s from UK tobacco companies. These cards were produced for Senior Service cigarettes packages.

If the layout is familiar to you, that is unsurprising. Countless sets from the UK had a similar design with the white borders on the front and the same font/type of the title. Fronts included a black and white image of a particular location and the backs offered a description of it. Backs of the cards offer a description of the location shown and include a card number, the repeated title, and the Senior Service Cigarettes brand name.

Most of the cards are not related to sports. But one golf card in the set is known as shown here.

The golf card is titled, “Golf in the Highlands.’ It features an unnamed group of golfers with one following through on his swing. The back of the card gives a description of the golf scene:

“Despite the inclement weather conditions in the Highlands, every golfer will doubtless envy the members of the golf club Pitlochry, for few can boast of such a magnificent natural course, surrounded by silver fir and larch trees, against a background of mist-capped mountains. Pitlochry, besides being a somewhat sophisticated inland resort, has a further distinction as it is supposed to be the “centre” of Scotland – a claim that will always remain in friendly dispute amongst Scotsmen.”

Of note is that, similar to other real photograph cards using this layout, these are often found with the ends curled upward.

1938 Senior Service Our Countryside Checklist

  1. The Crown of the Year
  2. Gathering Narcissi
  3. A West Country Gem
  4. Thameside Reverie
  5. Shepherd and Flock
  6. Market Day
  7. The Village Smithy
  8. Carting Winter Feed
  9. Heavy Going
  10. The Thatcher
  11. Freshwater Bay
  12. Cutting Chestnuts
  13. The Sussex Weald
  14. Noonday Rest
  15. Lakeside Idyll
  16. The Village School
  17. Winter Days
  18. Autumn Leaves
  19. Saturday Afternoon
  20. A Kentish Village
  21. Haymaking
  22. Henley Royal Regatta
  23. The Old Shepherd
  24. Beagling in Wales
  25. Spring at Ashridge
  26. In the Cotswolds
  27. Milton Abbas
  28. On the Cherwell
  29. An Hour from London
  30. Home from the Fields
  31. Storing Roots
  32. A Downland Farm
  33. A Country Lane
  34. Village Bowling Green
  35. In Lakeland
  36. The Charcoal Burner
  37. Golf in the Highlands
  38. Anglers’ Idyll
  39. Daffodil Harvest
  40. The Meet
  41. The Grand Union Canal
  42. King Winter
  43. Runnymede
  44. Herefordshire Hopfield
  45. Hikers Paradise
  46. The Thames Barge
  47. A Tudor Dove-Cote
  48. A Devon Lane

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