1937 Cleveland Press Indians Album Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Cleveland Press Indians Album
Year 1937
Size Various
Images Black and White
Type Publications
Number in Set

1937 Cleveland Press Indians Album Overview

Many collectors would not consider these to be cards and some would not even find them collectible. But the 1937 Cleveland Press Indians’ Album is another type of collectible that is sought after by some.

These are actually newspaper cutouts from the Cleveland Press. Similar to the Sport Stamps issues that were printed in newspapers across the country in 1936, these featured images of baseball players along with short biographies. The subject team was the hometown Cleveland Indians.

The images are larger than those aforementioned Sport Stamps with vertical, full (or mostly full) body images being used. The top indicates they are part of the newspaper’s ‘Indians’ Album,’ which is where the issue gets its name. Directly below that is a ‘card’ number and the player’s name. The bottom has the biography and a replica signature was added to the picture for good measure.

It is possible that the signature added value for some collectors and made their collectability a bit stronger even though it added no real financial value.

There are a few quality players here but the real prize is an early issue of Hall of Famer Bob Feller. Feller’s card cannot be considered a rookie even by collectors willing to count non-traditional items because he was included in the 1936 Sport Stamps set. However, it is one of his earliest ‘collectibles’ and his presence makes this set a little more impressive.

The Indians’ Album is another issue that is slightly more collectable than other basic newspaper images. Mass produced just the same, these examples have a title and card number, which really makes them a part of a set. It is partially because of that that issues such as these will be pursued by a fragment of collectors.

Old Cardboard has photographs of the cards in the set.

1937 Cleveland Press Indians Album Checklist

  1. Frankie Pytlak
  2. Roy Weatherly
  3. Roy Hughes
  4. Bruce Campbell
  5. Lyn Lary
  6. Juliius Solters
  7. Earl Averill
  8. Mel Harder
  9. Tom Drake
  10. Billy Sullivan
  11. Whitlow Whatt
  12. Denny Galehouse
  13. Earl Whitehill
  14. Willis Hudlin
  15. Odell Hale
  16. Carl Fischer
  17. Joe Becker
  18. Bob Feller
  19. Hal Trosky
  20. Jeff Heath
  21. Ivy Andrews
  22. Lloyd Brown
  23. Johnny Allen
  24. Joe Heving
  25. John Kroner
  26. George Uhle
  27. Wally Schang
  28. Lefty Weisman
  29. Steve O’Neill

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