1921 Wool’s American-Maid Bread Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Wool’s American-Maid Bread
Year 1921
Size 1 3/8″ x 2 1/4″ (but varies by cut)
Images Color
Type Bakery/Bread
Number in Set

1921 Wool’s American-Maid Bread Overview

Wool American Bread Back.jpg

Cobb American-Maid Bread W551

The 1921 Wool’s American-Maid Bread set is extremely rare but known to collectors through the more-commonly seen regular W551 strip cards. The multi-sport set includes athletes from baseball, golf, boxing, hockey, and other sports. In addition to the baseball players, there are some other coveted cards here as well. A few included boxer Jack Dempsey, tennis player Bill Tilden, and golfer Gene Sarazen. The card of Tilden, in particular, is quite desirable as it is often considered his rookie card.

The Wool’s American-Maid Bread cards are simply overprinted W551s. The fronts are exactly the same between the two issues. The only differences are on the back. Regular W551 cards are blank-backed while the Wool’s American-Maid Bread cards have their name stamped on them them.

The stamping of the Wool’s American-Maid Bread cards is basic and in black ink. For that reason, collectors should be wary of overprinted cards such as these as counterfeiting is possible.

To date, only a handful of these rare cards are known. One, a Babe Ruth, was recently auctioned for a little more than $2,000.

American-Maid Bread was a popular brand at one time. Their name can be found on the backs of some other baseball cards well, including the 1920s Gassler’s cards and the 1920s Clark’s Bread cards (both of which resembled the W575-1/E121 issues).

1921 Wool’s American-Maid Bread Checklist

With new discoveries still being made, this checklist is unconfirmed. Only a few of these cards with the Wool’s American-Maid Bread stamp are known today. However, since these mirror the W551 cards, the 40 cards below could make up the complete checklist.

  1. Home Run Baker (Baseball)
  2. Dave Bancroft (Baseball)
  3. Jesse Barnes (Baseball)
  4. Georges Carpentier
  5. Charlie Chaplin
  6. Ty Cobb (Baseball)
  7. Jackie Coogan
  8. Bebe Daniels
  9. Jack Dempsey
  10. Johnny Dundee
  11. Douglas Fairbanks
  12. Harry Greb
  13. Walter Hoover
  14. Willie Hoppe
  15. Walter Johnson (Baseball)
  16. Johnny Kilbane
  17. Mlle. Lenglin
  18. Benny Leonard
  19. Harold Lloyd
  20. Joe Lynch
  21. Molla Mallory
  22. Joe Moore
  23. Mabel Normand
  24. Mary Pickford
  25. Wally Pipp (Baseball)
  26. Joie Ray
  27. Babe Ruth (Baseball)
  28. Gene Sarazen
  29. George Sisler (Baseball)
  30. Tris Speaker (Baseball)
  31. Casey Stengel (Baseball)
  32. Gloria Swanson
  33. Constance Talmadge
  34. Bill Tilden
  35. Rudolph Valentino
  36. Pancho Villa
  37. Helen Wainwright
  38. Mickey Walker
  39. Johnny Weismuller
  40. Johnny Wilson

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