1920s Illinois College Baseball Team Blotter

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Illinois College Baseball Team Blotter
Year 1920s
Size 4″ x 9″
Images Color Tint
Type Trade
Number in Set

1920s Illinois College Baseball Team Blotter Overview

1920s Illinois College Baseball Team BlotterInk blotters were generally rectangular cards that were popular in the days of fountain pens. They would usually be kept on desks and were used to allow people to wipe off excess ink. To properly absorb the ink, blotters are generally a little thicker and have a different texture than traditional cards.

This blotter is an advertisement for Illinois College in Jacksonville, Illinois. Pictured on the card is a team photo of the school’s baseball team, which was advertised as ‘Champions of the Little Nineteen.’

While not standard trading cards, blotters with sports figures are absolutely collectible. Because they were used to absorb extra ink, you will often find them with ink spots all over them. Ones that haven’t been covered in ink demand a premium.

Blotters were generally an advertisement for a specific product, service, or organization. Along with a picture of a sports figure or team, they usually sought to promote some type of product or business.

1920s Illinois College Baseball Team Blotter Checklist

This is a standalone issue and not part of a set.

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