1916 Industrial Cigarrera Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Industrial Cigarrera
Year 1916
Images Black and White
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1916 Industrial Cigarrera Overview

1916 Industrial CigarreraThe 1916 Industrial Cigarrera cards are a unique, rare set of Venezuelan cards.

The cards are mini booklets of sorts and consist of two parts on each side. The inside has an advertisement and also has a picture of a player. Below the picture of the player is his name, position, and team.

The outside/cover states roughly that the cards are gifts from Industrial Cigarrera to its customers and also makes it clear that these are booklets and not simply a horizontal card. They roughly state that inside is a picture of a person. It also provides a mention that there are 25 cards in the set.

It is unclear if all of the personalities on the cards were baseball players but it is likely that they are not as no mention of baseball is on the card. Instead of saying baseball players, the cards call the subjects ‘figures.’

1916 Industrial Cigarrera Checklist

To date, I have not seen a complete checklist or representative cards of the entire set.

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