1912-14 Boston Garter Trade Cards Set (H813)

‘It’s In The Details’

Title H813 Boston Garter Trade Cards
Year 1912-14
Size Various
Images Various
Type Trade
Number in Set

1912-14 H813 Boston Garter Trade Cards Overview

1914 Boston Garter Black and White1914 Boston Garter Color12BG Mathewson.jpgIn the early 1900s, Boston Garter produced a series of trade cards spanning from 1912 through 1914. At least three different sets were produced and they varied in size and appearance. First, there was a 1912 color set (pictured first here) and in 1914, there were color and black and white sets (pictured second and third). Some sources call the third set a sepia issue instead of black and white.

Some included black and white pictures while others featured color shots. The trade cards were unique compared to some others since these depicted actual players.

A player image was shown on the front along with a mention of Boston Garter. The backs included checklists of all three sets as well as an advertisement for Boston Garter.

One interesting fact is that, unlike other trade card issues that were often given out freely, not all of these were free. Cards from the 1912 set cost ten cents for eight of them (either National League or American League) and no discount was given for the entire set. The only free ones were given to dealers who would put them in his/her window display. All cards were distributed by the George Frost Company.

That theme held true in 1914 as well. The 1914 cards stated that the cards were free for retailers only. No price was specified if you wanted to buy them directly.

1912-14 H813 Boston Garter Trade Cards Checklist

Cards are listed in order of appearance on the checklists


  1. Christy Mathewson
  2. Nap Rucker
  3. Frank Chance
  4. Red Dooin
  5. Johnny Kling
  6. Roger Bresnahan
  7. Bob Bescher
  8. Fred Clarke
  9. Hal Chase
  10. Hughie Jennings
  11. Eddie Collins
  12. Tris Speaker
  13. Frank La Porte
  14. Nap Lajoie
  15. Ed Walsh
  16. Walter Johnson

1914 Color

  1. Tris Speaker
  2. Ty Cobb
  3. Burt Shotten
  4. Joe Tinker
  5. Johnny Evers
  6. Joe Jackson
  7. Rabbit Maranville
  8. Larry Doyle
  9. Home Run Baker
  10. Ed Konetchy
  11. Walter Johnson
  12. Buck Herzog

1914 Black and White

  1. Christy Mathewson
  2. Red Murray
  3. Eddie Collins
  4. Hughie Jennings
  5. Hal Chase
  6. Bob Bescher
  7. Red Dooin
  8. Nap Lajoie
  9. Tris Speaker
  10. Heinie Zimmerman

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