1909/1910 Winkelman’s Quaker Bread Memphis Turtles Pins Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Winkelman’s Quaker Bread Memphis Turtles Pins
Year 1909 or 1910
Size 1 1/4″ diameter
Images Black and White
Type Pins
Number in Set

1909/1910 Winkelman’s Quaker Bread Memphis Turtles Pins Overview

1909 Winkelman's Quaker Bread Pin BaerwaldThe 1909/1910 Winkelman’s Quaker Bread pin set is a rare minor league issue featuring baseball players from the Memphis Turtles. Pins are similar in nature to the 1910 Morton’s Buster Brown Bread pin set and the 1910 Morton’s Pennant Winners Bread pin set that both featured major league baseball’s Detroit Tigers.

The pins featured black and white player images with the player’s name included. The border of the pin was entirely yellow and had ‘Winkelman’s Quaker Bread, Memphis.’ printed around the edge. At the bottom directly below the player’s picture was a cartoon image of a turtle for the team logo.

To date, only a total of three pins have been found. One identifies a player named Baerwald. Searching under that name won’t usually yield much but turns out that player is Rudy Bell. Baerwald changed his name to Bell at some point.

There has been some speculation as to the date of this issue, but it would seem to be either 1909 or 1910. First, as this REA auction states, the set includes Bob Coulson, who only played with Memphis in 1909. Second, as mentioned above, the set has remarkable comparisons to the 1910 Morton’s pin sets. It should be noted that those 1910 sets featured the Tigers’ 1909 club so it is possible that this set, like those, was printed after the fact. But this seems like a 1909 or 1910 issue.

The pins, as the Morton’s pins were, were also produced by Whitehead & Hoag. Given the similarity in design, that should hardly be a surprise.

1909/1910 Winkelman’s Quaker Bread Memphis Turtles Pins Checklist

  1. Rudy Baerwald (Rudy Bell)
  2. Scoops Carey
  3. Bob Coulson

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