1909 Fan-Ball Baseball Game Cards Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Fan-Ball Baseball Game Cards
Year 1909
Size 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″
Images Color and Black and White
Type Game Cards
Number in Set

1909 Fan-Ball BaseBall Game Cards Overview

1909 Fan Ball Game.jpgOne of the rarer 20th Century baseball games that included cards is certainly the 1909 Fan-Ball Base Ball Game. The overall game included a deck of playing cards, instructions, a felt baseball field, and assorted game pieces.

The playing cards are what would be of interest to most collectors. One side has action words printed on it to dictate game play. The other side has the Fan-Ball Game logo printed in blue ink.

While most cards simply have the action words with no images, a few feature some basic pictures, such as a baseball bat to accompany the words.

The Fan-Ball Company was based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. The box contained the cards was blue with gold ink printing. The box’s exterior stated that the game was, “A perfect representation of the great national game.”

The game strove to cover all conditions for a true game. In fact, there is a card that, when played, would end the game on the basis of poor weather. The card was to be disregarded unless it was agreed upon in the beginning of the game by the players that play would end if the card was played.

The price was a little higher than other similar games of the era. While many could be purchased for pocket change, this one was priced at a dollar.


Like most games did, Fan-Ball relied on advertising to help spread the word about its product.

One says ‘Fan-Ball is Baseball and plays out the scenario of Ty Cobb and Donie Bush being on base with Hall of Famer Sam Crawford at bat, and wonders how the situation will turn out. In the game, the Tigers are playing the Pittsburgh Pirates, which makes sense as it was those two teams that met in the 1909 World Series.

1909 Fan-Ball BaseBall Game Cards Checklist

  1. Ball
  2. Ball
  3. Ball
  4. Ball
  5. Ball
  6. Ball
  7. Ball
  8. Ball
  9. Ball
  10. Ball
  11. Ball
  12. Ball
  13. Ball
  14. Ball
  15. Ball
  16. Ball
  17. Ball
  18. Ball
  19. Ball
  20. Ball
  21. Ball
  22. Ball
  23. Double
  24. Double
  25. Double
  26. Double
  27. Double Play
  28. Double Play
  29. Double Play
  30. Double Play
  31. Foul
  32. Foul
  33. Foul
  34. Foul
  35. Foul
  36. Foul
  37. Foul
  38. Foul
  39. Foul
  40. Foul
  41. Hit by Pitch
  42. Home Run
  43. Out
  44. Out
  45. Out
  46. Out
  47. Out
  48. Out
  49. Out
  50. Out
  51. Out
  52. Out
  53. Out
  54. Out
  55. Out
  56. Out
  57. Out
  58. Out
  59. Out
  60. Out
  61. Out
  62. Out
  63. Out
  64. Pick-off
  65. Pick-off
  66. Pick-off
  67. Pick-off
  68. Safe on Bunt
  69. Safe on Error
  70. Safe on Error
  71. Safe on Error
  72. Single
  73. Single
  74. Single
  75. Single
  76. Single
  77. Single
  78. Strike
  79. Strike
  80. Strike
  81. Strike
  82. Strike
  83. Strike
  84. Strike
  85. Strike
  86. Strike
  87. Strike
  88. Strike
  89. Strike
  90. Strike
  91. Strike
  92. Strike
  93. Strike
  94. Strike
  95. Strike
  96. Strike
  97. Strike
  98. Strike
  99. Triple
  100. Triple

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