1881 Tobin Baseball Scene with Dog Trade Card

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Tobin Baseball Scene with Dog Trade Card
Year 1881
Size 1 13/16″ x 3 1/8″
Images Color
Type Trade
Number in Set
4 (?)

1881 Tobin Baseball Scene with Dog Overview


Tobin Lithographs was a well-known company that printed all kinds of trade cards in the late 1800s. One of the cards they were known to produce for retailers used this interesting picture.

All kinds of things are going on in this comical scene. There is a runner directly behind a batter that has lost his head. A fielder is actually standing behind the batter. And of course, there’s a dog that appears to be knocking over a player.

Here’s more on the crazy scene pictured on the card.

The cards, as indicated in the small red text inside the box, were copyrighted in 1881 by Tobin. The large box was used for various advertisers to have their name printed and the card can be found with a host of different stores and retailers. This one shown was for M.I. Frank’s Clothing House in New York but the information in the box changes for each particular card as different businesses put their own information on the cards.

This is one of the smaller trade cards out there. While others are larger and approximately the size of a postcard or small photo, these are significantly smaller and about the size of a business card.

The card is small and has grown in popularity. Today, it often sells for more than $100.


While it is often believed this card is a standalone issue, it is actually part of a set. How many others exist is not known. However, I am cataloging others found below.

  1. Baseball scene
  2. Girl on Horse
  3. Man with Boy and Dog
  4. Rowboat scene

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