Uncatalogued Baseball Postcards

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Uncatalogued Baseball Postcards Overview

In addition to the postcard sets recognized in our database, potentially thousands of uncatalogued pre-war baseball postcards exist. While there are too many generic issues and stadium issues to list, I have begun cataloging issues featuring specific players and teams below.


Babe Ruth Promotional/Suit
Babe Ruth 1929 Shonen Club
Chocolate La Imperial (International) (set)
1911 Harry Davis Day
1907 Detroit Seamless Steel Tubes Ty Cobb
1935 E.C. Kropp Lou Gehrig
1914 E&S Publishing (set)
1907 F.P. Burke Frank Chance
1930s Goodrich Tire Mickey Cochrane
1908-09 Greenfield’s Chocolates (set)
1910 H.C. Hubel Ty Cobb
1920s Managers Series (set)
1935 Pebble Beach Clothier (set)
1910 Pittsburgh Gazette Times Honus Wagner
1910s-1930s Polo Grounds/John McGraw Postcards (many variations)
1910 Doc Powers Day
1908 Red Sox Fold Out (set)
1930s Ross Verlag Movie Stars with Babe Ruth (set)
1914 Semon Evening Sun (set)
Ty Cobb and his Favorite Bat
Ty Cobb – World’s Greatest Ballplayer
1908 Victor Publishing Cy Young
1909 W.W. Smith (set)
1909 Weiser Wonder Walter Johnson
1908 R.C. Williams Cy Young
1907 Winthrop Moving Picture (set)

Team Issues

1908 Art Post Card Company – Our Home Team
1928 Block Brothers St. Louis Cardinals
1908 Boston Oyster House Chicago Cubs
1908 Boston Red Sox Foldout Postcards
1908-10 Brush Automobile Detroit Tigers
1932 Buffalo Bisons
1932 Charles Denby Cigars Cubs Players
1908 Chicago Cubs and White Sox
1919-20 Cincinnati Reds World Series
1938 Cincinnati Post Reds
1913 Cleveland Indians Schedule Postcards
1906 Columbus Dispatch
1908 General Photo Company St. Louis Browns
1907 Green’s Nebraska Indians
1930-32 Harrison Studios Homestead Grays
1907 George Hull White Sox
1908 Indianapolis Team
1939 Kimball Automobile Trois-Rivieres (International)
1907 Krieg and Company Cubs Foldout
1908 Kurth Company Brewers
1905-06 Lincoln Publications Philadelphia Athletics
1910 Makaroff Cigarettes World Series
1910 Monarch Typewriter Philadelphia A’s
1910 Moroney Whiskey/Jimmy Moroney Scorecard Postcard
1932 New York Giants Schedule
1905 New York Giants Scorecard
1908 Offerman Buffalo Bisons Postcards
1908 Our Home Team Foldout Postcards
1913 Philadelphia Evening Telegraph
1912 Photo Art Shop Boston Red Sox
1909 Pittsburgh Pirates Extension Postcard
1909 Pittsburgh Pirates S&H Green Stamps Postcard
1908 Pittsburgh Pirates Stadium Set
1908 Pittsburgh Pirates Vignette Postcards
1910 Portland Beavers Postcard
1946 Sears Browns and Cardinals Postcards
1909 Spargo Hartford Senators Postcards
1906-07 Sporting Life Team Composites
1906 Ullman Art Frame New York Giants Series
1906-09 V.O. Hammon Cubs and White Sox
1907 Waseda University Team and Grounds (International)
1933 Wheaties Minneapolis Millers
1933 Wheaties Seattle Indians
1937 WHIO Sy Burick Reds

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