H804-38 An Accurate Barometer Trade Cards Set

‘It’s In The Details’

Title H804-38 An Accurate Barometer Trade Cards
Year 1800s
Size 2 3/4″ x 4 3/8″
Images Color
Type Trade
Number in Set

H804-38 An Accurate Barometer Trade Cards Overview

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This set is part of the baseball comic series of trade cards. Noted collector Frank Keetz assigned it the designation used in his book, “Baseball Advertising Trade Cards 3rd Edition.”

Two baseball cards are known to be in this small set as well as at least one questionable non-sports card. In the two baseball cards, one happy boy is shown with the chance to play baseball while a sad boy is depicted on the other with no baseball for a week, per the caption.

Two other cards could be considered sports or non-sports cards in the series. Using the same ‘An Accurate Barometer’ name/design, a boy is shown bundled up due to the weather on one of them. On another, the same child in the baseball images is shown with a large fan with the caption stating that it is hot and could get hotter. It could be argued that the same boy is featured on all four cards, so since the other two are baseball issues, the hot/cold cards could technically be loosely considered as baseball cards as well.

Most are featured without any advertiser or retailer information printed on the fronts. However, that is not always the case as those have been seen on them occasionally.



This set is mostly classified as a trade card, which is correct. But some are also known to have been used as product inserts.

One, for example, has been seen with a redemption program on the back. John E. Mills of Lebanon, PA, a coffee manufacturer, states that by returning 25 of the small cards packed with their coffee, the consumer would receive a free, beautiful picture measuring, 16″ x 22″ without printing.

We know from this that, at least some of the An Accurate Barometer cards were distributed in packages of coffee, making them an insert of sorts.

That ‘without printing’ designation is an interesting one. Since printing is on the front of the trade cards, it is possible that the picture would be one of those. That would mean that larger premium photos of these cards may exist.

H804-38 An Accurate Barometer Trade Cards Checklist

Six known cards exist in the set. Note that two do not have the ‘Accurate Barometer’ name on them. However, because the design is the same and they also have a slogan using the same font, I have classified them as members of this set.

  1. Cold and clear no let up
  2. Hot, with prospect of being hotter
  3. No Base Ball for a week (Baseball)
  4. Prospect of a good afternoon for Base Ball (Baseball)

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