H804-12 Young Boy Trade Card Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title H804-12 Young Boy Trade Cards
Year 1800s
Size 2 3/4″ x 4 3/16″
Images Color
Type Trade
Number in Set

H804-12 Young Boy Trade Cards Overview

H804-12 Young Boy Trade Card BaseballThis set is part of the baseball comic series of trade cards.

The cards feature a variety of humorous baseball scenes. The set gets its name from the fact that the images depict young boys. The boys are shown in various baseball poses, including as a pitcher, fielder, batter, and baserunner. One, titled, “A Hot Ball,” shows the boy with horizontal and vertical red lines over his face, giving the appearance of a catcher’s mask.

Like some other baseball trade card issues, these cards feature a color image with a thin red line serving as a border. Each card is titled at the bottom in red ink that is often difficult to read with advertisements placed over it.

These cards are a bit rarer than most with decent lower-grade cards starting in the $20-$30 range.

As is the case with most trade cards, these are fragile and printed on thinner card stock. For that reason, they can be torn or ripped quite easily and damaged easier than standard baseball cards.

Many trade cards were used by numerous companies and that is the case with this set. That is in part because it was easier to use artwork that was already produced rather than going through the trouble of creating your own. For that reason, the fronts of the card can be blank or include an advertisement for different companies.

H804-12 Young Boy Trade Cards Checklist

  1. Gimme a Dew Drop
  2. A Hot Ball
  3. Making First Base
  4. “This will be a Twister” Look Out

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