D381 Fleischmann Bakery/Ferguson Bakery Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title D381 Fleischmann Bakery and D381 Ferguson Bakery
Year 1916
Size 2 3/4″ x 5 7/16″
Images Black and White
Type Bakery
Number in Set
100 (Fleischmann) / Ferguson Unknown

D381 Fleischmann Bakery / Ferguson Bakery Overview

D381 Ferguson BakeryD381 Ragan.jpgWhile most commonly referred to as the Fleischmann Bakery issue, the D381 cards were actually printed for both Fleischmann Bakery, based out of New York, and Boston-based Ferguson Bakery. Both types of cards are scarce but the Ferguson Bakery cards are rarer and more desirable.

Cards were tall and were printed in black and white. In their fully intact form, they contain a card of a player at the top and a coupon for either bakery at the bottom. However, since most coupons were used, these are often found with only the card portion left. Obviously, the fully intact cards with the coupon not removed carry a premium over the other versions.

Despite the removal of the coupon, it is still easy to discern whether the card was for Fleischmann Bakery or Ferguson Bakery. Directly below the player image on the Fleischmann cards, the player’s name and position was printed on one line followed by his team on a second line. The Ferguson cards, however, printed all of that information on a single line.

Pictured here is, first, a Fleischmann Bakery card and second, a Ferguson Bakery issue.

The cards also have some unique variations between the two bakeries, including spelling errors/corrections and different images used. Here’s some more information on those.

D381 Fleischmann Bakery / Ferguson Bakery Coupon Offers

There were some variances in the coupons offered. The coupons on the Fleischmann cards offered a leather album in exchange for 50 of them. The album held 100 cards, which was the total number offered in the set.

The Ferguson coupons, however, offered pillow top premiums. In exchange for 50 of their coupons, collectors could receive either a pillow top feature star baseball player pennants of movie actor pennants.

Only a few known pillow tops are still in existence today. That is hardly surprising given the number of coupons one needed to receive one. With only one card and one coupon being placed in a loaf of bread, a collector would need to buy 50 loaves to acquire one.

Here is a picture of the movie star pillow top and here’s the baseball one.

An interesting link to the baseball issue, of course, is Ferguson Bakery’s BF2 Pennants. Those featured pictures of players with their names on them and the same style was roughly used for the pennants in this premium, albeit slightly different. The pennants on this pillow top, too, were also larger than the BF2s.

Two Types of D381 Fleischmann Cards

It is important to note that while there are both Fleischmann and Ferguson cards, there are actually two different types of Fleischmanns.

The two Fleischmann types can easily go unnoticed but they do exist. The two different types have different addresses in New York City on the coupon for the redemption program.

D381 Fleischmann Bakery / Ferguson Bakery Checklist

Note that these are cards for the Fleischmann Bakery set. The Ferguson Bakery set includes some of these cards as well as a handful of others not in the Fleischmann set, but a checklist for that issue is not fully confirmed as few have been seen. Old Cardboard has a checklist of the known Ferguson Bakery cards.

The cards are rare as SGC has graded only a few of each card.

  1. Babe Adams
  2. Grover Alexander
  3. W.E. Alexander
  4. Frank Allen
  5. Fred Anderson
  6. Dave Bancroft
  7. Jack Barry
  8. Beals Becker
  9. Eddie Burns
  10. George Burns
  11. Bobby Byrne
  12. R.B. Caldwell
  13. Nixey Callahan
  14. Bill Carrigan
  15. Larry Cheney
  16. Tom Clark
  17. Ty Cobb
  18. Ray Collins
  19. Jack Coombs
  20. Wilbur Cooper
  21. George Cutshaw
  22. Jake Daubert
  23. W.G. Dell
  24. Bill Donovan
  25. Larry Doyle
  26. Dick Egan
  27. Johnny Evers
  28. Ray Fisher
  29. Harry Gardner
  30. Joe Gedeon
  31. Larry Gilbert
  32. Frank Gilhooley
  33. Hank Gowdy
  34. Sylvanus Gregg
  35. Tom Griffith
  36. Heinie Groh
  37. Bob Harmon
  38. Roy Hartzell
  39. Olaf Hendriksen
  40. Claude Hendrix
  41. Buck Herzog
  42. Hugh High
  43. Dick Hoblitzell
  44. H.H. Hunter
  45. Harold Janvrin
  46. J. Johnston
  47. Erving Kantlehuer
  48. Benny Kauff
  49. R.H. Keating
  50. Wade Killifer
  51. Elmer Knetzer
  52. B.W. Kocher
  53. Ed Konetchy
  54. Fred Laderus
  55. H.B. Leonard
  56. Duffy Lewis
  57. Ed Love
  58. Al Mamaux
  59. Rabbit Maranville
  60. Rube Marquard
  61. Christy Mathewson
  62. Bill McKechnie
  63. Chief Meyers
  64. Otto Miller
  65. Fred Mollwitz
  66. Herb Moran
  67. Mike Mowrey
  68. Dan Murphy
  69. Oliver O’Mara
  70. Rube Oldring
  71. Dode Paskert
  72. Pat Ragan
  73. Bill Rariden
  74. Davis Robertson
  75. Bill Rodgers
  76. Edd Roush
  77. Nap Rucker
  78. Dick Rudolph
  79. Wally Schang
  80. A.J. Schauer
  81. Pete Schneider
  82. Ferd Schupp
  83. Ernie Shore
  84. Red Smith
  85. Fred Snodgrass
  86. Tris Speaker
  87. George Stallings
  88. Casey Stengel
  89. Sailor Stroud
  90. Amos Strunk
  91. Jeff Tesreau
  92. Chester Thomas
  93. Fred Toney
  94. John Wagner
  95. Carl Weilman
  96. Zack Wheat
  97. George Whitted
  98. Art Wilson
  99. Ivy Wingo
  100. Smoky Joe Wood

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