1934 D382 Tarzan Thoro Bread Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title D382 Tarzan Thoro Bread
Year 1934
Size 2 1/4″ x 3 1/4″
Images Black and White
Type Bakery
Number in Set

D382 Tarzan Thoro Bread Overview

D382 Tarzan Thoro Trophy

Tarzan Thoro Bread.jpg

The D382 Tarzan Thoro Bread (sometimes called Tarzan Bread) set includes black and white cards.

Fronts of the cards include a player image as well as his name. The backs include a brief mention of the advertiser, Tarzan Thoro Bread, and the slogan ‘Tarzan Thoro Bread builds champions.’ The backs also have a brief biography of the player.

Despite being one of the later pre-war issues, the cards are incredibly scarce compared to even earlier sets and a complete checklist is not even known with new cards still having been discovered in recent years.

Some of these have been found with red stickers and the word ‘TROPHY’ printed on the backs of them as shown here. However, it is unclear if that was a one-time ‘variation’ made by a single collector of if true variations of these cards existed with the sticker.

The checklist on this issue continues to expand. New cards have been found in recent years and seeing more discoveries would not at all be a surprise.

D382 Tarzan Thoro Bread Checklist

  1. Earl Adams
  2. Walter Betts
  3. George Blaeholder
  4. Edward Brandt
  5. Tom Bridges
  6. Jack Burns
  7. Bruce Campbell
  8. Ben Cantwell
  9. Tex Carleton
  10. Dick Coffman
  11. George Connally
  12. Pat Crawford
  13. Tony Cuccinello
  14. Fred Frankhouse
  15. Phil Gallivan
  16. Debs Garms
  17. Milt Gaston
  18. Bill Hallahan
  19. Myril Hoag
  20. Elon Hogsett
  21. Arndt Jorgens
  22. Willie Kamm
  23. Dutch Leonard
  24. Clyde Manion
  25. Eric McNair
  26. Oscar Melillo
  27. Randy Moore
  28. Leslie Munns
  29. Bob O’Farrell
  30. Monte Pearson
  31. Alfred Smith
  32. Gus Suhr
  33. Evar Swanson
  34. Bill Urbanski
  35. Robert Worthington
  36. Johnny Vergez
  37. Tom Zachary

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