1910 PE1 Mascot Gum Pins (Rochester) Set and Checklist

It’s In The Details’

Title PE1 Mascot Gum (Rochester) Pins
Year 1910
Size 7/8″ diameter
Images Sepia
Type Pins
Number in Set

1910 PE1 Mascot Gum Pins (Rochester) Overview

1911 Mascot Gum Blair

The Diamond Mascot Gum pins are similar to other same-type products of the era. The pins feature a picture of a player on the front with his name. The back contains the following advertisement for Diamond Gum:

“Get a collection of ball player’s buttons free with Diamond Gum.”

While similar to the PE2 Diamond Gum Pins, these are slightly different. The pins were only a regional issue as they featured the minor league Rochester baseball team instead of major league players. In addition, they have an empty blue painted border around the edges. The PE2 pins have the phrase, “Free with Diamond Gum.”

There is no doubt that the PE2 set has less appeal, but the PE1 Rochester pins are also far more rare.

1910 PE1 Mascot Gum Pins (Rochester) Checklist

The checklist of the PE1 Mascot Gum pins is still evolving 16 pins were recognized and a 17th that was not previously catalogued (Ward) was discovered via the Net54 website. It is possible that others may exist.

  1. Alperman
  2. Anderson
  3. Batch
  4. Blair
  5. Holmes
  6. Lafitte
  7. Manning
  8. McConnell
  9. Moeller
  10. Moran
  11. Osborne
  12. Ragan
  13. Savidge
  14. Simmons
  15. Spencer
  16. Tooley
  17. Ward

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