1925 Kant Novelty Honus Wagner for Sheriff Pin

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Kant Novelty Honus Wagner for Sheriff Pin
Year 1925
Size 1″
Images Black and White
Type Pins
Number in Set

1925 Kant Novelty Honus Wagner for Sheriff Pin Overview

1929 Allegany County Wagner for Sherrif PinAfter a successful playing career, as some other athletes have done, Pittsburgh Pirates Hall of Famer Honus Wagner tried his hand at politics. Wagner ran for Sheriff in Allegheny County (where Pittsburgh is located) but was routed and unsuccessful.

While Wagner didn’t get that job, he was in public service in a variety of capacities. He was the state legislature’s sergeant-at-arms, was the fishing commissioner, and was also an honorary deputy sheriff for the County.

To help with the promotion of his campaign, Wagner and his supporters presumably had these printed by Kant Novelty. The pin has a black and white image of Wagner in uniform sitting down against a black background. The pin simply reads “For Sheriff” at the top and “J. Honus Wagner” at the bottom. The J. stood for Wagner’s true first name of Johannes.

It is extremely rare with only about a dozen known copies today. You will occasionally see one up for auction. REA sold this one for over $1,000.

1925 Kant Novelty Honus Wagner for Sheriff Pin Checklist

This pin is a standalone issue and not part of a set.

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