1910 Morton’s Pennant Winners Bread Detroit Tigers Pins Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Morton’s Pennant Winners Bread Detroit Tigers Pins
Year 1910
Size 1 1/4″ diameter
Images Black and White
Type Pins
Number in Set

1910 Morton’s Pennant Winners Bread Detroit Tigers Pins Overview

Morton Pennant Winner PinThese Pennant Winners Bread pins were created to commemorate the 1909 American League Champion Detroit Tigers team. They were created in conjunction with another set from Morton’s that year – the 1910 PD2 Buster Brown Bread set, which also featured the Tigers and had somewhat of a similar design for the company’s Buster Brown Bread brand.

The Buster Brown Bread pins appear to be more scarce.

But while the Pennant Winners Bread pins are similar in design to that set they are practically identical to another issue from 1910 – the Hermes Ice Cream Pittsburgh Pirates set. That set celebrated the team that defeated the Tigers in the 1909 World Series and the pins look eerily similar.

The pins include a black and white player image in a circle against a yellow background with the words, “Morton’s Pennant Winner Bread” identifying the issue and stretching around the pin. The bottom has a blue Morton’s pennant with ‘DETR’ on the left and ‘OIT’ on the right to spell Detroit. In the middle separating the two parts is a Tiger head logo.

Note that names are not included on the pins.

PSA has graded no more than a few of each pin in the set.

1910 Morton’s Pennant Winners Bread Detroit Tigers Pins Checklist

Note that some checklists refer to an unknown player in the set while others state Heinie Beckendorf as a subject.

  1. Jimmy Archer
  2. Donie Bush
  3. Ty Cobb
  4. Sam Crawford
  5. Bill Donovan
  6. Hughie Jennings
  7. Davy Jones
  8. Matty McIntyre
  9. George Moriarty
  10. George Mullin
  11. Claude Rossman
  12. German Schaefer
  13. Boss Schmidt
  14. Ed Summers
  15. Ed Willett
  16. Unknown Player (Beckendorf?)

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