1905 Bergman College Football Girl Pennant Postcards Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Bergman College Football Girl Pennant Postcards
Year 1905
Size 3″ x 5″
Images Color
Type Postcards
Number in Set

1905 Bergman College Football Girl Pennant Postcards Overview

Bergman Football Postcard.jpgThis series includes a variety of female football fans representing several colleges. This is strictly an Ivy League issue featuring schools from that conference.

The postcards feature a color image of a woman against various colored backgrounds. Some of the postcards also have glitter sprinkled in some areas of the clothing and pennant to give a sandpaper-type of feel while others do not. The ones with glitter appear to be rarer than the others.

The backs include standard printing for a sender to write the recipient address. As some other postcards, the backs also state the area is reserved only for the address. Any message a sender wanted to include was required to be placed on the front. Because of that, you will often find these with messages on the front, often around the edges.

Each woman is holding a pennant with the letter of her school on it and two (Harvard and Princeton) depict the women holding a football. Thus, any of the other issues viewed in a standalone sense by collectors that may encounter them would not appear to be much of a sports set. These are, as evident from the Harvard and Princeton issues, however, part of a football set.

The Harvard and Princeton cards may be more desirable because of the addition of a football on them. However, the Columbia postcard seems to be the rarest. Several checklists I have seen do not even include it.

All of the postcards have the J. Bergman name at the bottom with a copyrighted date of 1905.

1905 Bergman College Football Girl Pennant Postcards Checklist

Postcards for the two other Ivy League schools, Brown and Dartmouth, are not known. But both schools existed at the time and also had football teams so it is odd that they have been omitted from the set.

  1. Columbia
  2. Cornell
  3. Harvard
  4. Penn
  5. Princeton
  6. Yale

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