1937 BF104 Felt Blankets Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title BF104 Blankets
Year 1937
Size 3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″
Images Color
Type Felt/Blanket
Number in Set

1937 BF104 Blankets Overview

BF104 Dykes.jpg

The BF104 Blankets issue is similar to the B18 blankets. It is evident that whoever the producer of the BF104 series was, they were a fan of the B18 blankets as they look somewhat identical.

Both feature an image of a player, his name on the fronts along with his team and league in small pennants off to the side. The BF104 series, however, is categorized as a BF issue as it is made of felt. Another difference is that the BF104 blankets are considerably smaller than the B18 blankets.

The BF104s are also much less diverse in terms of the colors of ink used. These issues have a reddish or green type of border while the B18s had all kinds of colors.

In general, the concept was similar to the B18 issue. It was a square, non-traditional card with a baseball diamond and a picture of a player with pennants also printed onto it.

1937 BF104 Blankets Checklist

The BF104 Blankets checklist is still expanding with new issues being discovered. Stan Hack and Charlie Root, for example, are two that have been found in recent years. As hobbyist Bob Lemke noted in that article, that has brought the number of confirmed players to 32.

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