1910-12 PB3 Hassan and Tokio Comics Pins Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title PB3 Hassan and Tokio Comics
Year Circa 1910-12
Size 7/8″ diameter
Images Color and Black and White
Type Pins
Number in Set

1910-12 PB3 Hassan and Tokio Comics Overview

Tokio Cigarettes Baseball Pin Shoot Kid.jpg

The Hassan and Tokio Comic pins set is most widely credited as being a 1912 issue. It is largely a non-sports issue, so there isn’t a ton of interest among sports card collectors. However, it does feature at least a couple of sports-related pins depicting baseball.

Overall, there are two main types of these pins aside from the color variations (some are black and white and others are in full color) and some that have been found that are larger.

One type is known as the “I’m the Guy” series. These humorous pins all start with the phrase, ‘I’m the Guy’ and then continues with something else (i.e. “I’m the guy that put the wait in waiter”). Others have the same type of look but have random captions instead. The pins in the set have a humorous feel and feature cartoon drawings of people in funny situations.

One baseball pin, titled ‘Off the Bat’ displays a baseball bat off to the side after just hitting a ball with the ball hitting a man in the face. The words ‘Off the Bat’ are displayed in large letters along the bottom of the pin. Another says ‘Shoot Kid I Gotcha!’

Other pins have a similar layout with large lettering and a comic on the front with the Hassan Cigarettes logo or Tokio Cigarettes logo on the back. Backs for both brands state that the pins were produced in Factory No. 649. Hassan backs seem to be more commonly found.

Two types of pins are found. One is purely black and white and the other has some color.

1910-12 PB3 Hassan and Tokio Comics Checklist

There are hundreds of these types of pins available and most are of the non-sports variety. Collector Randall Whitaker has been cataloging them and you can see his known checklist here.

Below are the baseball-related pins I have seen or those identified in his list.

  • I’m the Guy who Discovered Baseball
  • I’m the Guy (flies in baseballs)
  • Off the Bat
  • Shoot Kid I Gotcha

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