1922 Exhibits Set and Checklist (W461)

‘It’s In The Details’

Title W461 Exhibits
Year 1922
Size 3 3/8″ x 5 3/8″
Images Black and White
Type Exhibit
Number in Set

1922 Exhibit Set Overview

Seven different pre-war sets make up the W461 Exhibits issue. In addition to the pre-war era W461s, additional sets from the late 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s were also printed as well.

These are sometimes called postcards, although that isn’t really accurate since they were blank-backed. There are other Exhibits that were also postcards but these have blank backs.

These are classified in the American Card Catalog as W-Cards, but they are not strip cards like other W-card issues.

The 1922 Exhibit card set features black and white player images. The player names on the cards have a thinner cursive style of font (the 1921 set, by comparison, had a thicker style) and their team name in an regular, unitalicized style of font. In addition to the player’s team, his league and position are also included. The font color for the cards varies — it is black if the image behind it is a lighter shade or it is white for darker backgrounds.

While most of the cards are borderless, some include white borders. Cards do not include card numbers. Almost all of the cards have a vertical layout — the lone exceptions are cards for George Cutshaw, Wally Gerber, James Tierney, and Aaron Ward.

The checklist is noticeably different from the 1921 set. The 1921 set featured many big stars, including Babe Ruth, Walter Johnson, and Ty Cobb. Those players and others, though, are not found here. It is instead believed by some that most of the 1921 cards were also distributed in 1922 along with these new players.

Also of note is that the set includes several cards of umpires.

1922 Exhibit Set Checklist

  1. Jim Bagby
  2. Home Run Baker
  3. Walt Barbare
  4. Turner Barber
  5. John Bassler
  6. Carlson Bigbee
  7. Sam Bohne
  8. George Burns (Boston)
  9. George Burns (Cincinnati)
  10. Joe Bush
  11. Leon Cadore
  12. Jimmy Caveney
  13. Wilbur Cooper
  14. George Cutshaw
  15. Dave Danforth
  16. Bill Doak
  17. Joe Dugan
  18. Pat Duncan
  19. Howard Ehmke (misspelled Emke)
  20. William Evans (Umpire)
  21. Bibb Falk (misspelled Bib)
  22. Dana Fillingin
  23. Ira Flagstead
  24. Art Fletcher
  25. Wally Gerber
  26. Ray Grimes
  27. Harry Heilmann (misspelled Heilman)
  28. Hildebrand (Umpire)
  29. Wilbur Hubbell
  30. Bill Jacobson
  31. E.R. Johnson
  32. Joe Judge
  33. Bill Klem
  34. Harry Liebold
  35. Walter Mails
  36. George Maisel
  37. Lee Meadows
  38. Bob Meusel (misspelled Muesel)
  39. Clyde Milan
  40. Bing Miller
  41. Hack Miller
  42. George Moriarty (Umpire)
  43. Harry Myers
  44. Art Nehf
  45. Joe Oeschger
  46. George O’Neil
  47. Roger Peckinpaugh
  48. Val Picinich
  49. Bill Piercy
  50. Derrill Pratt
  51. Jack Quinn
  52. Rigler (Umpire)
  53. Eppa Rixey
  54. Walter Ruether (misspelled Reuther)
  55. Chas Robertson
  56. Everett Scott
  57. Earl Sheely
  58. Earl Smith (Sitting)
  59. Earl Smith (Standing)
  60. Elmer Smith
  61. Jack Smith
  62. Sherrod Smith
  63. Frank Snyder
  64. Allan Sothoron
  65. Arnold Statz
  66. Milton Stock
  67. James Tierney
  68. George Toporcer
  69. Curtis Walker
  70. Tillie Walker
  71. Aaron Ward
  72. Smoky Joe Wood
  73. Moses Yellowhorse
  74. Ross Youngs (misspelled Young)

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